Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Saving Access Forms as Reports

Forms are the heart of an Access application, but sometimes a hard-copy is still required. A well-formatted form can be printed simply by using the DoCmd.PrintOut statement, but to print a single record you'll probably need to set a bookmark of some kind, apply a filter, print the form, and then use the bookmark to return to that same record.

Access provides for a "Save As Report" feature, so you can quickly create a Report that matches the form & then use DoCmd.OpenReport using a filter or where clause. Very handy. However, if you have code-behind in your form, Access will also carry that code into the report module which can cause compilation errors.

For example, if you have a Form_Open event, that code will be copied verbatim into the report module but it won't compile due to the class mismatch. If you do not compile your modules, Access 2003 will ignore that error, but Access 2007 is much less tolerant and it will report "an error loading ... continue loading project?" but either way you respond, 2007 will not run any portion of your application until the code is fixed.

Apparently, Access 2007 opens every single module in the database, so obsolete or old versions of objects can prevent an app from running, even if they are never called from the application.

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