Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Printing from Vista

In a previous post, I described how Office 2003 , and especially Access, requires updated print drivers for Windows Vista. In some cases Access will not allow design or printing of any reports unless new Vista drivers are installed.

I recently discovered that even Vista-compatible drivers can have issues - for example, an HP 1320 using the PCL 5 driver "works" with most apps, but Access reports have problems with graphics - for example, text will render correctly but horizontal lines will be bunched up near the top of the page, or missing altogether. The quick fix is to install and use the PCL 5e driver. According to HP's web site, the 5e and 6 drivers are currently being shipped with that printer.

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Anonymous said...

That's a partial fix. That fixes the "can't print more than one copy at a time" problem, but you are still unable to collate multiple copies.

HP's definition of "compatible" is not one that I share.