Sunday, July 20, 2008

Moving Days

{EDIT} Around about September 2008, I decided not to move articles off this blog after all. I might copy a few to the tips page at my Web site, but otherwise I'm going to keep this blog intact. {EDIT}

When I started this blog three years ago, I had intended to use it as a quick way to publish my technology findings both for the general Internet community, and also to use it as a knowledge base for myself.

As it turns out, the older articles wind up being buried in the archives, grouped by month, so many times I've had to guess the month & drill down from there. The built-in search is quite effective, but being able to scan down a complete list of topics is much faster.

For those reasons, I've been moving articles from blogger to my personal web site, where I use a classic ASP page and the FileSystemObject to present a scrollable list of all articles, sizes, dates etc. The current list can be found at

Another difficulty using the blogger format is that many html tags are scrubbed-out from posts, so any code samples will lose their indenting & formatting, making them hard to decipher. My workaround has been to present a link to the actual code on a separate web page, but I would prefer to be able to post a complete article intact with all the formatting.

The blogger search facilities work very well, and Google indexes the blogger posts, so much information can be found via a normal Google search, but my web site also includes a search feature so nothing will be lost.

In closing, this blog will eventually be shrunk down to include only tech comments and observations.

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