Wednesday, October 21, 2015

TortoiseSVN and SSMS icon overlays

Tortoise SVN is one of the popular source-control systems, which we use at our office. If you've used this product, when you commit you'll sometimes see a message that a new version is available; I had 1.8.x installed, so this time I did the update but - got bit by version 1.9.2 ...

This is using a recent Windows 7 x64 machine, by the way.

After the update, the Windows folders all had the familiar icon overlays, but when I launched SQL Server Management Studio & hit the File Open dialog, none of the colored icons were present. Hmmm. Google'd about looking for a solution & found numerous registry hacks involving icon overlay keys, keys that were added by/for Groove and/or Windows 10; finally found the answer: version 1.9.2 seems to have a problem.

So I uninstalled the 1.9.2 client and downloaded the previous 1.9.1 version, and Voila! the icons all came back. Good times.

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